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PowerPod Pro




Thank you for purchasing the Ambrane PowerPod Pro wireless charger. We recommend you to read the instruction manual carefully before using the product.


Package Contains:


  • 1 N PowerPod Pro Wireless Charger
  • 1 N Charging Cable
  • 1 N Rating Card


Product Labelling:



  1. Smartphone/ headset charging area
  2. Smartphone bracket
  3. Type-C input port
  4. Alarm 1 status icon
  5. Alarm 2 status icon
  6. 12 Hours/ 24 Hours 
  7. Charging state icon
  8. Illuminated brand logo
  9. LED lighting area
  10. Product holder
  11. Product air vent
  12. LED lighting switch key
  13. Upper setting key
  14. Lower setting key
  15. Set menu key


How to Use


  • Insert the Type-C cable into the Type-C input port of the wireless charger and turn on the power.
  • Place your Qi-enabled device in the centre of the charging area to start charging.
  • Your device will begin to charge.


Indicators, Buttons & Functions



Product Specifications:


  • 15W Wireless Output
  • Digital Display
  • Digital Alarm Clock
  • LED Torch
  • Foldable Phone Holder
  • Multi-Layers of Chipset Protection
  • Input: DC 5V=3A, 9V=2A (18W)
  • Output: 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W (Max)
  • Supports Qi-enabled devices such as smartphones and headsets


Matters Needing Attention


  • Do not disassemble this product by yourself.
  • Do not use this product in high temperatures or humid environments, and keep it away from fire and water. Do not expose the wireless charger to extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, or high humidity, as this may damage the charger or reduce its lifespan.
  • If the mobile phone does not support the wireless fast charging function, it will automatically adjust to its own charging electrical efficiency. Make sure that the mobile phone is properly aligned with the charging pad to ensure optimal charging performance.
  • The charging contact surface on the back of the charging equipment shall not contain metal substances, such as iron sheets, rings, metal protective shells, etc. Keep the charging equipment and the mobile phone away from magnetic fields, as they can interfere with the wireless charging process and reduce efficiency.
  • It is recommended to use a QC 2.0/3.0 power adapter to make wireless charging more efficient. Only certified chargers supporting QC 2.0/3.0 fast charging (5V=3A, 9V=2A) should be used.
  • Do not place any foreign objects, such as credit cards, coins, keys, or magnets, on the charging pad, as they may cause damage to the charger or the mobile phone, or even pose a safety hazard. Do not use the wireless charger if the mobile phone's battery or charging coil is damaged which may cause overheating, fire, or explosion.
  • Do not use the wireless charger while driving or operating heavy machinery, as it may distract you from your task and cause accidents. Keep the wireless charger away from children and pets, as they may accidentally swallow or chew on the charger or its cable, which can cause injury or electric shock.
  • If you notice any abnormal behaviour, such as smoke, or sparks, stop using the wireless charger immediately and contact the manufacturer for assistance. Clean the charging pad and the mobile phone's charging coil regularly to remove dust, dirt, or debris that may affect the wireless charging performance. Use a soft, dry cloth or a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching the surface.



If you face any difficulty in using the product, kindly reach out to our customer care team:-

Phone: +91-1145911111, Email: care@ambraneindia.com

If you are happy with the purchase, kindly follow us and review us on our social media handles @ambraneindia.

Updated on 28 Jul 2023

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