During this pandemic outbreak, keeping yourself well-groomed has been turned into a difficult task. But not anymore, how about bringing your salon home? Ambrane has come up with a wide range of multipurpose grooming trimmers that offers you a smooth and precise trimming experience with its very first stroke. 

To keep your beard game on point, here are some of the tips that can help you to turn your untidy look into a pro one effortlessly with a trimmer. 

1. Be Clear of Your Look
The first step is to understand the kind of look you are going to have. Considering the look, choose the best trimming length setting. Check on the attachments and comb settings offered and select the most suitable out of the heap. 

2. Keep it Dry
Trimming dripping wet hair could be a difficult and challenging task for you. Before using your trimmer, softly pat your damp hair with a towel and then proceed with your trimming session. This will avoid the rusting of the trimmer blades and will give you a seamless trimming experience every time. 

3. Your First Cut Matters
While trimming, your first cut matters. It is important you do it perfectly. Here’s how:

  • Always attach the correct comb for your desired hair length. 
  • Start trimming the larger sections of your hair and then move to the shorter sections. 
  • Run your trimmer in the opposite direction of your hair growth for a fine grooming experience. 
4. Slow & Steady Trimming


With a trimmer, you can surely experience a sturdy and quick trimming experience but it’s always better to try slow trimming as it will result in precise grooming for your ace styling look. 

5. After Shave Creams

It is always recommended to use an aftershave gel or a moisturizer in order to protect your skin from rashes and irritations. This will keep your skin healthy and nourished. 
Grooming is an art that requires an artist i.e. a perfect trimmer. Therefore, to give yourself a satisfying salon experience, bring home an Ambrane Cruiser Lite Multipurpose grooming kit. It offers you a handy grooming experience every time with its 21 length settings that fits best for trimming any hair length. 
Have a Safe & Satisfying Grooming Experience!