With evolving technology, different innovations are emerging almost every day and one such innovation for the men grooming sector is a trimmer. Ditching a normal razor and a pair of scissor, the trimmer has been one of the popular grooming tools amongst men. 

However wherein these tough times stepping out for grooming has become such a difficult task, Ambrane AURA X Trimmer has come into the picture to keep you well-groomed irrespective of the situations prevailing outside. 

Bringing convenience and safe grooming to your home, the AURA X trimmer is a must-have trimmer for all your hair grooming needs. 

The trimmer comes with an ultra-powerful battery that allows you to use it with cord and cordless effortlessly. Enjoy 2 hours of uninterrupted cordless trimming experience with just 60 minutes of charging. Styling was never this easy before as the trimmer offers you 17 length settings to give you a precise and clean look every time. Its rubberised outer body gives you a firm grip for accurate trimming. Taking into consideration of safety and hygiene, the AURA X trimmer is well-equipped with stainless steel blades that run smoothly on your skin leaving skin soft. Also, you don’t need to stress over the trimmer’s cleaning as the blades can be easily washed in the running water. Its small and compact size makes it a handy grooming tool that can be carried anywhere to everywhere without any hassle. 

 Therefore, ace your everyday look and be presentable always with the AURA X trimmer for men. Shape your personality and get your hands on the best trimming experience with the trimmer at your home.