Wherever we go, we always take our smartphones and other gadgets with us. The need to stay connected is more present than ever. For this reason, Ambrane has launched a new powerbank AeroSync PB 10 to provide everyone with easy access to power while also allowing them to enjoy the freedom of wireless charging on the go. This wireless powerbank is MagSafe compatible. The powerbank's integrated magnetic force keeps MagSafe compatible devices (iPhone 12 and above models) in place while charging. Furthermore, this powerbank comes with a stand, making it convenient to use while charging. This way, you can position the powerbank as desired and watch movies and series on the go.

Let's have a look at all the amazing features this powerbank is loaded with.

One Powerbank, Three Ways To Charge

The most practical and helpful feature of this powerbank is that you can charge your gadgets in three ways.

  • Magnetic Charging
  • If you have an iPhone, this powerbank will be your best friend. Due to the integrated magnetic force, the powerbank keeps MagSafe-supported devices in place while charging. However, Magnetic Charging only works for iPhone 12 and above models. If you have iPhone 11 or below or an Android smartphone, it would only support wireless charging and not magnetic charging.

  • Wireless Charging
  • No more socket searching to charge your favourite devices. AeroSync PB 10 comes with wireless charging to fuel up your Qi-enabled gadgets such as iPhone 11 and below, wireless charging enabled android smartphones, etc. with full convenience and 15W wireless fast charging output.

  • Wired Charging
  • Does your device not support wireless charging? No worries! This powerbank also supports wired charging with a powerful 22.5W PD and QC output for boosted charging speed, so that you never lack behind. It can charge your smartphone 50% in as quickly as 30 minutes on average.

    Power-packed 10000mAh

    It features a Lithium Polymer battery with a 10000mAh capacity allowing you to efficiently charge your devices multiple times. Enabled with one Type-C and one USB port, it makes the charging experience easy and quick. So, you do not need to carry multiple chargers and powerbanks. Just carrying one AeroSync PB 10 is enough to keep you charged.

    Sleek & Stylish

    Its stylish and practical design makes it a fashion statement, while its compact size makes it ideal for travel. Plus, it comes with a holder/stand which makes your binge-watching sessions super effortless.

    Wide Compatibility

    This powerbank works with any device that can be charged via a USB or Type-C port. Plus, it also supports charging MagSafe compatible devices and Qi-enabled devices to make charging a hassle-free experience for you.

    Utmost Safety

    With its special multi-layers charging protection technology, you can ensure the safety of both the powerbank and your devices. It provides broad-spectrum security including overload protection, over-voltage protection, electrostatic protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, circuit identification protection and so on.

    180 Days Warranty

    Moreover, this powerbank comes with a warranty of 180 days against any manufacturing defects. So, if you have any issues with the product, the customer care team is always there to support you.

    To sum up, Ambrane AeroSync PB-10 wireless charging powerbank has a battery capacity of 10000mAh with a lithium-polymer battery. This versatile powerbank supports both wireless and wired charging with its 15W and QC/PD 22.5W max output respectively. The powerbank comes with MagSafe compatibility to secure your device in place while it gets charged wirelessly to ensure safety and convenience. Now you can binge-watch your favourite shows as this powerbank comes with a sturdy stand.

    To know more, please visit www.ambraneindia.com or for any queries or issues, please contact us (Phone: +911145911111, Email: care@ambraneindia.com)