The number of everyday utility gadgets is growing year after year. Smartphones, tablets, music players, and other devices rely on this trusted standard for connectivity and energy, but this also means that there are a lot of chargers lying around the house. Almost all gadgets need a constant power supply, making charging them a long and tedious process, but Ambrane has found a great solution to this problem: RAAP Hub 75W.

The Multi-Port Charging Hub allows you to use a single electrical outlet to charge not one, not two, but five devices at the same time. Having this functionality is a game changer because it allows you to keep all of your gadgets fully charged and fully prepared to use at any moment without having to hunt around the house for each separate charger.

Ambrane, India's #1 Homegrown Powerbank Brand, strives to design incredible and unique products that consistently exceed their customers' expectations, and this Multi-Port Charging Hub is no exception. Let's have a look at how RAAP Hub 75W will eliminate all major charging problems you face.

Multiple Charging Ports

Charge multiple gadgets at the same time as this charging hub comes with 2 USB, 2 Type-C and 1 Quick Charging USB port. Hence, no need to find different chargers for different gadgets.

75W BoostedSpeed™

With an Output Power of 75W (maximum), charge all your loved devices with a massive power conveniently. No need to wait forever to charge your multiple gadgets. Do it fast, do it hassle-free!

QC & PD Fast Charging

With 2 PD ports and one QC port, charge your gadgets at a rapid speed. Nobody has got the time to charge separately when you can do that with minimum effort and at the same time, right?

Latest GaN Tech

The latest technology makes this multi-port charger smaller in size, more efficient in performance and lower temperature in operation. Hence, making it your perfect and powerful travel partner!

Multi-layers of Chipset Protection

The charger comes with multi-layer chipset protection that provides Overload Protection, Over-voltage Protection, Electrostatic Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Circuit Identification Protection and more. Hence, power up with utmost safety!

Compact Size

Its compact size and rugged build make it extremely travel-friendly and easy to carry. Plus, it eliminates the need to carry different chargers for different gadgets. Hence, making your travel light and you happy.

Intelligent Current Detection

Its inbuilt smart chip automatically identifies the voltage and current required by the device, making it super smart and reliable.

Made in India

We take pride in stating that this product is Made in India at our manufacturing facility in Haryana. Hence, boosting the #MakeInIndia initiative.

180 Days Warranty

This product comes under a warranty of 180 days for any manufacturing-related issues and with good after-sales assistance. Hence, never hesitate in reaching out. We're always here to help!

Now, let's recall and summarize all the amazing features this RAAP Hub 75W has in a short paragraph.

Charge multiple devices at the same time with RAAP HUB 75W multi-port charging hub. It takes up only a single outlet yet it carries the capacity to power up various gadgets at one go! Enjoy speedy charging with multi-layers of protection that ensures the safety of your devices. It is engineered with the advanced GaN Tech which makes this multi-port charger smaller in size, more efficient in performance, and lower temperature in operation. It is ultra-compact and travel-friendly, so you can charge up anywhere, anytime!

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