The days when your watch was only a timepiece are long gone. The conventional watch has become a highly sought after consumer accessory due to the emergence of newer and smarter technology. Modern smartwatches are designed to make our lives easier and more convenient, from sending smartphone notifications to assisting you in tracking your health and fitness.

It’s time to get introduced to the chicest and smartest smartwatch in the town, Ambrane Sphere, which is designed especially for women. Now, let’s dive deeper into the introduction and have a look at its amazing features!

Equipped with multiple health features such as SpO2, Heart Rate Monitoring, Heart Health and more, this smartwatch helps in keeping a good track of your health. Not just limited to health tracking, this smartwatch also helps you to stay fit with detailed body insights and 24*7 Health Monitoring. It is your personal fitness guru with features like Steps Check, Stand Mode and Calories Mode. All-in-one solution for your fitness needs!

Flaunt your aesthetics with the classiest smartwatch which features 450 nits brightness and Lucid Display. You can view bold and clear despite the surroundings and sunlight with its daylight-compatible screen. Its well-lit display will accompany you in every place!

The whole vibe of this eye-pleasing watch is subtle and elegant. It has a beautiful round dial, a classy metallic buckle, adjustable skin-friendly straps. It comes in two premium shades: Raven Black and Pearl Pink. So, you can choose your favourite colour and be ready to flaunt your charm.

Sphere is the best smartwatch when it comes to sports. This smartwatch is surely made for sporty souls to ace their challenges. Now, play your favourite sports and take your fitness to next level with 17 Sports Modes and IP68 waterproof rating. Not just that, keep a good track of your fitness too. Own your progress and track time wisely with its Timer and Stopwatch. Match your OOTD with 50+ watch faces to choose from. All these spectacular features last you for up to 7 days on a single charge so that you can do more without worrying about the battery.

So, it’s time to switch to smart and get your hands on the chicest and the best smartwatch at low price in the town: Sphere!