Have you ever wondered what all the buzz is about when people mention things like "better than the best"? What a great feeling it would be own one such smartwatch. What if we told you there was something you could own that precisely matched these words?

Get ready to meet the one and only truly legendary smartwatch, Ambrane Zest! This new power ranger is superior to the best and the rest in every way. With this smartwatch, it's time to rise above the ordinary. It's time for you to run your entire universe through your wrist.

Let's start by going through some of the features of this super smartwatch.

Take and make calls on the go as Zest comes with a Bluetooth calling feature that allows you to converse from anywhere, anytime. Cater to your health with multiple health features such as SpO2, 24X7 Heart Rate Monitoring, Menstrual Cycle tracking and more. It helps in keeping a good track of your health. 

Your watch face is your choice when it comes to this smartwatch as it lets you customize your watch face according to your mood. Be it choosing your own custom wallpaper or one amongst 60+ cloud-based watch faces, the choice is yours. Also, It is lightweight and a perfect voguish smart accessory for you to flaunt. This smartwatch acts as a perfect companion for sports. It comes with multiple Sports Modes and IP67 Waterproof level to keep you ahead in the league. Challenge yourself better and stay alert with the built-in alarm, reminders and stopwatch.

Get a smart little pal to keep reminding you of the incoming calls and text messages, hence no FOMO. Go battery-free for a week. Once fully charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 7 days of travel or work, depending on your usage. Manage your music or click pictures, this watch lets you do both with its smart controls. It comes enabled with voice assistant to make your life super convenient.

So, it’s time to make a smart choice and get your hands on the coolest smartwatch in the town: Zest!