Elevate your gaming experience, Ambrane has launched the best budget true wireless earbuds Dots Turbo and Dots Play for true gamers. Their low latency rate is perfect to amp up your gaming experience. These true wireless earbuds come with good playtime with the latest Bluetooth technology. Their minimalist size and high sound quality make them the perfect go-to buddy for your musical and gaming sessions. Now, live life Pro-size and play games like a True Champ!

Let's see what all these best true wireless earbuds in India have got! We will have a side to side feature-comparison for you to choose the one that feels like a better fit for you.

Now, let's dive deep into the gaming world with Dots Play and Dots Turbo. Tune into entertainment seamlessly with up to 19 hours and 18 hours of playback time respectively. Enjoy the real sound experience with 13mm drivers in Dots Play. Its passive noise cancellation feature with ambient sound monitoring allows you to immerse yourself into the music completely irrespective of the noisy environment. Dots Turbo comes with BoostedBass™ technology allowing you to enjoy music like a pro!

Play games like a pro with Dots Play's 46ms ultra-low latency and Dots Turbo's 56ms super-low latency rate, perfect for your gaming sessions! Enjoy instant pairing in both earbuds. You just take them out from the charging case, and they will instantly connect with your device. The earbuds pair quickly after the initial connection is established. Without having to worry about high power consumption, you can now experience seamless connectivity.

Enjoy seamless connectivity without worrying about high battery consumption. Their latest Bluetooth technology gives you stability for a lag-free gaming experience. Both the earbuds come with voice assistance activation for both Google Assistant and Siri. Thus, giving you the freedom of command.

Listen to music anywhere and everywhere you go. Their compact design makes them fit even in your pocket, making them your perfect travel companion and best gaming earbuds at low price!