There's no doubt that most of us nowadays work on our smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. We use them all the time to work, read, stay connected, play trending games, and make presentations. But, do you really want your device's battery to die in the midst of all of this? Consider this scenario: You're listening to music on your phone on your way to work, and you suddenly realize that you only have 10% battery left since you forgot to charge your phone the night before. If you don't want to find yourself in this awful situation again, here are 10 reasons why you should get yourself an Ambrane Stylo Max 50000mAh Powerbank aka the best powerbank in India. The main agenda behind bringing this massive powerbank was to help you stay powered with all your gadgets charged up. Now, let’s help you choose the best powerbank!

Massive Capacity

Power-packed with a grand capacity of 50000mAh to power up your gadgets’ battery multiple times over and over again. It comes with a high-density Lithium Polymer battery to help you stay charged always. Whether you are going on a long drive or a movie marathon, your gadgets will never die!

Powered for Modern Life

Specially built to endure the fast and busy lifestyle of our modern customers, this powerbank is super sturdy and durable. Hence, giving you a solid power backup throughout the day. It carries the capacity to charge your favorite devices multiple times over and over again. Smart Pass-Through technology to charge devices while the powerbank is plugged in for charging itself. So, say goodbye to low battery worries!

Fast Charging Powerbank

Let’s admit it! Nobody has got extra time to charge. Hence, this massive powerbank comes with great 20W output with Power Delivery and Quick Charge Technology with BoostedSpeed™ for a blazing fast charging experience. Equipped with QC 3.0 through USB output, it can charge your devices super quickly, as fast as up to 50% in 30 just minutes. So, always stay on the move with its fast charging input and output.

Savior During Electricity Shortage

Ever encountered a situation where you needed your gadget the most but its battery went out of charge and then you realize that it’s power cut at your locality at the same time? Well, with a powerbank like Stylo Max, you will never be put in any such situation! This savior is here to power your gadgets multiple times with no failures.

Wide Compatibility

Give up on the hassle of carrying different powerbanks for different types of gadgets. This is not just the best powerbank for mobile but is compatible with almost all the devices including iOS gadgets, USB-enabled smartphones, Type-C enabled smartphones, earbuds, tablets and many more. Good thing is that it supports charging low-power devices like Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands as well. Thus, it eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers when you are already packed up with so many items to carry, especially when you are hitting the road.

Charge Multiple Devices At Once

Equipped with 3 output ports - 2 USB and 1 PD Type-C, never struggle to find different power sources for your favorite gadgets separately. This powerbank carries the capacity to charge multiple devices at once so that you never go out of charge at important or emergency times. Imagine a scenario where you are outside and both your smartphone and earbuds are almost about to die at the same time. What next? Fret not! With Stylo Max, this will never happen.

Classy Aesthetics

Who said powerbanks have to look boring? Stylo Max comes with a classy matte-metallic finish to help you stay powered in style. This powerbank looks extremely stylish and premium with its gradient matte and glossy finish for enhancing the style quotient of modern hustlers. Moreover, its sturdy Aluminium body is made for enduring all the hustle to match the busy lifestyle.

Made for Travelling

For the people who are always on the go, this powerbank comes as a savior, especially during emergencies. With its massive capacity and fast charging output, it saves your favorite gadgets from dying when you need them the most. Although because of its massive 50000mAh battery capacity, it is not allowed to be carried in flights, however, it is full power-packed to help you stay charged during your road journeys!

Made in India

This powerbank is proudly Made in India at our manufacturing unit in Haryana. As a homegrown brand, we know the importance of being self-reliant and self-dependent. Hence, be ready to carry this massive powerbank with massive pride as this powerbank hails from Indian roots!

Multi-Layers of Chipset Protection

These amazing features come with multi-layers of chipset protection to ensure our customers have a safe and secure charging experience. This powerbank comes with Overcharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Temperature Resistance, Reset Mechanism and many more. So, stay charged and safe at the same time!

So, now you have an idea what makes Stylo Max the best powerbank for your devices! Experience gigantic power with this high-capacity power bank which features an extra powerful 50,000mAh battery. It has a fast-charging output of 20W along with Power Delivery and Quick Charge technology, making it a marvellous backup power supply for your smartphones and other gadgets. Its high-quality sturdy body and multi-layers of chipset protection promise exceptional durability and reliability. The availability of triple ports and excellent battery backup make it the perfect travel companion. 

All these qualities make Stylo Max the best powerbank to buy. So, why wait when you can get your hands on the best powerbank in India?

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