The heat is not merely a result of the weather. Ambrane Wise Roam, our blazing new Bluetooth calling smartwatch, is here and ready to help you connect while you're out and about. This amazing smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling functionality goes above and beyond the norm to provide you with so many cool functions to really amp up your daily grind. We can't help but fidget wildly as we discuss each function in all its flaming glory now that this watch has liberated our hands with ease from the hassle of answering calls. All thanks to the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch in India!

Bluetooth Calling with Voice Assistance

Everybody has temporary hand-tied situations occasionally, whether they include multitasking at work, being overloaded with bags when shopping, having lunch, and so on. It can be difficult to use your hand to hold the phone while doing all of this, and it would be even more difficult to walk around with Bluetooth earphones constantly plugged in.

Fortunately, this Bluetooth Calling smartwatch redefines what it means to be hands-free! A built-in premium speaker and a microphone allow Ambrane Wise Roam's calling feature to be made possible. With the calling option on your smartwatch, you can now enjoy talking to your closest friends, chatting with your family, taking calls for work, or even making dinner reservations! You can manage all of your calls with complete clarity straight from your wrist, whether you open the inbuilt dialer or just tap the screen to answer. Moreover, have the freedom to get everything done right from your wrist with voice assistance.

60+ Sports Modes with Health Monitoring

In relation to sports modes, Ambrane Wise Roam enables you to maximise your fitness with its 60+ sports modes! This smartwatch is built to track your wellness and monitor your daily activity and the sports you love with ease. It comes with 24*7 Health Monitoring and offers features like Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Sleep Mode, Breath Training, Female Health Tracker, High Heart Rate Alert and more. This best budget smartwatch makes it all a seamless experience along with its IP68 water resistance. So, now sweat it out in full swing!

Round Daylight-Bright Display with Classy Aesthetics

Thoughtfully built with a classy round LucidDisplay™ and a 450 Nits bright screen, enjoy watching bold and clear even during harsh sunlight. It is classy, lightweight, and a perfect smart accessory for you to flaunt. This timepiece is one of those that makes you the star of the party as soon as you walk in. So, get ready to slay!

100+ Watch Faces & Up to 10-Days Battery

The best calling smartwatch will not interfere with your personal style, rather it will amp it up. If you love a good #OOTD and like to keep your vibe current at all times, Ambrane Wise Roam won't let you down. With more than 100 watch faces that you can download and set from the cloud, the Bluetooth Calling smartwatch packs a powerful punch. Make the most of your watch face to match your attire and the environment, whether it's loud and bold, tropical and colourful, basic and sleek, neon-heavy, or futuristic. That's just the interior, though. With its premium design that is both stylish and durable and its excellent craftsmanship, this best Bluetooth calling smartwatch exudes class from the outside. Moreover, once this smartwatch is fully charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 10 days of travel or work, depending on your usage.

2 Inbuilt Games & Utility Features

Boredom? No chance! With this coolest smartwatch, stay entertained and productive. It comes with 2 inbuilt games: 2048 and Young Bird. Also, stay super productive with its special utility features such as Sedentary Alert, Weather, Alarm, Timer, Flashlight, Find Phone, Remote Camera and Music Player. So, never worry about getting bored again. This Bluetooth Calling smartwatch has got your back!

So, to conclude, let's wrap up on its amazing features! Jazz up your lifestyle with a 1.28” circular LucidDisplay™ smartwatch which has a classy-stylish design. It keeps you well-connected to the outside world and offers precise health insights anytime you need them. No matter where you are, you can easily make and receive calls, thanks to this watch's Bluetooth calling feature. Wise Roam will push you to perform at your optimum whether you are out for a quick run or hurrying to meet the next deadline.  Stay entertained and productive with its utility features. Now is the time to roam free and powered!

Made up your mind to purchase the best budget smartwatch? Or still deciding? Whatever stage you are at, we'd tell you that it's time to walk the talk with Wise Roam!

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