Ambrane WiFi Smart Plug 10A - Control Your Devices from Anywhere, No Hub Required, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (ASP-10, White)

Rs. 899 Rs. 1,499

Ambrane ASP-10 is a smart plug that lets you control your home appliances remotely from your mobile anytime and from anywhere in the world. It works with all of your home appliances and converts them to a smart device allowing them to be remotely controlled and scheduled for automatic on/off.

Why settle for just a home when you can get a smart home! Ambrane Smart Plug ASP-16 is a great way to create the same. This smart plug is easy to install and operate.

Bullet Points-:

  1. Remote control: Control home appliances from anywhere in the world remotely using ambrane smart life app
  2. Voice Assistant Support:It can be operated through Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  3. Simultaneous Control: Operate multiple devices with one app
  4. Timer: Set timers and schedules for automatic turn on/off of devices 
  5. Device sharing: Share control of your devices with family members with a single click
  6. Easy connection: Establishes easy and quick connection of app with all your electronic devices
  7. Ambrane Smart Life App -Easily helps to operate the plug and the devices connected to it through your phone anytime and from any place

The smart plug is engineered to work as a smart companion to assist you in operating various electronic appliances. This plug features easy installation that is assisted through Ambrane Smart life App. This smart plug is suitable for working with small to medium-size electrical appliances as it features a rated power of 10A.

Energy saving with scheduled control 

Save energy by monitoring run time of devices. You can intelligently operate electrical appliances, switch on/off lights, fans and other similar devices according to your routine timings. You can use the Smart life app for this setting. 

Share control with family

As you can convert your entire house into a smart home by using these smart plugs, Smart life app gives you the option to share control of the devices with all your family members. This gives all the members access to the installed devices so that anyone of them can operate them from anywhere and at any time. 

Preheat Devices to Save Time

You can save time in preheating devices like hair styling tools, steam irons and more by connecting them to this smart plug and then switching them on according to your required time. 

Voice Control 

This device works on your voice command as it supports Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. You can easily operate devices connected to your smart plug by voice commands in order to ensure smooth and effortless operation. 

Create Scenarios for Personalised Settings

You can easily create scenario settings the way you like when watching a movie, coming back home after work or even while leaving for office by using the scenario settings on the Smart Life App. You can adjust the lights, temperature of the air conditioner and make other settings at your home to suit your mood 

Create the illusion of Being at Home

As the smart plug, ASP-10 can be operated from any place you can switch on the lights or any other electronic device at home while you are away on a vacation. This will create the impression of you being at home. 

365 Days Manufacturing Warranty

The Product comes with 365 Days manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

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