Charging without any wires? Doesn’t it sound so convenient. Well this convenience is now available with wireless powerbank. Just simply place it, no plugging in required, no wires required and no worries required either. The best Qi wireless portable chargers allow you to charge whenever, wherever, and however you want. Did you leave your cable at home? Charge wirelessly! Do you need a quicker burst of power for an almost dead phone? Just place it on the charger. The best part is that it makes charging so effortless.


Right now wireless charging is only available with the latest product equipped with advanced technology. So to enjoy wireless charging your device has to be Qi enabled in order to be compatible with the wireless power banks. Qi is a wireless charging technology used to wirelessly power electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearable computing products. It is not just the mobile which features this technology, latest smartwatches, earbuds and many other newly launched devices have this feature integrated.

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I recently purchased Ambrane wireless powerbank which comes with a suction grips to make sure that the device doesn’t fall off or get damaged. It has 10000mAh battery capacity which supports both wires and wireless charging. Yes, you have both options to charge i.e. wireless or through wire. It has two USB ports and one Type-C port which supports an output of 22.5W and the wireless charging supports an output of 10W which rapidly charges your Qi enabled devices. The wireless powerbank price is more when compared to traditional powerbank given the advanced Qi technology.The dynamic Charging Options makes it a versatile product with wireless charging and multiple charging ports, the powerbank gives you the freedom to charge devices accordingly as per the convenience.              powerbank

The powerbank displays numeric battery level to tell you exactly how much power is left for further charge which I generally prefer so that I can charge it on time. It has no risk of slipping your valuable devices or repositioning the device into the right place while charging wirelessly, charging your devices securely. The pad has a suction grip to hold your device in place, it further allows you to carry it safely in your hand. It has made charging so convenient for me as I always have both the options to charge it with or without wires. While Qi power banks aren't quite as popular as traditional power banks, the best wireless charging portable chargers will keep you topped off and ready to roll no matter where you've camped out during your daily errands.