In the midst of our daily chores, low battery sign in our gadgets surely causes a mini-heartbreak to each one of us. Thus, to bring life to your gadgets and a smile to the saddened faces, Ambrane has come up with the Neos 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank that fulfils all your gadgets power cravings like a pro. Being the leading powerbank manufacturer, we deliver performance and value for money to the Indian homes with our extensive best powerbank range. With our Neos 20000mAh power bank, we are offering the power-packed functionalities energy bar for your gadgets. The Neos 20000mAh Power Bank is one of the best powerbank of 20000mAh that allows you to charge devices according to your convenience with the dual output where 2 devices can charge simultaneously. The robust battery of the powerbank can charge the devices of 3000mAh up to 5 times. Also, you don’t need to worry about carrying a specific cable to charge the powerbank. It supports the charging with both Type-c and micro USB cable. However, the powerbank comes with the 9 layers of chipset protection that not only keeps it protected from the hot temperature but also eliminates the risk of getting gadgets damaged with the voltage fluctuations. So, you can charge your devices carefreely with this powerbank. Also, the powerbank has universal compatibility i.e. supports the charging for your devices like wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers and much more. Keeping your products charged all day, the powerbank works as your power-buddy for all your travels and stays. Also, for your great convenience, the powerbank comes with the LED indicator that keeps you updated with the powerbank charging. 

Thus, enjoy the power in your palm with the portable bar of energy i.e. the best powerbank in India.