Neckband wireless earphones come as a comfortable option for people who are done with traditional wired earphones but are hesitant to jump directly to true wireless earbuds.True wireless earbuds have no wires attached to them at all, whereas neckband wireless earphones have a chord connecting one earbud to the other. They stay put around your neck and give you the liberty to move around tangle-less without the fear of losing any one earbud.

neckband wireless

Just hang them around your neck and wear it in your ears when listening to music or attending calls as per your convenience. There are many options when it comes to the best neckband to buy. You can consider several features before choosing the best neckband headphones to buy for yourself. You can look for features like noise cancellation, IP ratings, voice assistance, sound quality and comfort fit. I have been using Ambrane’s recently launched Wave neckband which I find very affordable when compared to the neckband price of other brands. They are a dashing pair of neckband earphones that sport magnetic functioning which allows you to play and pause music or accept and reject calls just by clasping/unclasping the earbuds.

They are very light in weight and have long battery life which makes it very convenient to wear all day long, from work to fun they stay with me all day long with just one time charge. Another advantage of lightweight neckband is that while you exercise they don’t fall out of the ears. I can say that I find them the best neckband in India 2020. You can find many options in neckband at lowest price, it totally depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are looking for a latest design neckband, they would probably be costlier as they would have advanced features. If you’re unsure about true wireless tech and want something reliable and with better battery life, standard wireless earbuds are the way to go and then gradually when you understand your requirements, you can move to an advanced neckband. I find neckband wired headphones a better option than true wireless earbuds when it comes to everyday use and long term investment, they have a better battery life and have no chance of losing one earbud.

So if you wanna live a tangle free and hassle less life, neckband earphones are something that you can consider. It would definitely make your life easier and free of wires. My Ambrane Wave neckband has a great battery life which lasts all day long and sometimes even more than a day.