We recently launched our Limited edition ‘AeroSync PB’ wireless power bank, autographed by the cricket all-rounder and our brand ambassador, Ravindra Jadeja. The wireless power bank features a 10,000mAh battery, unique magnetic charging technology, and two charging ports. The power bank has a 365-days warranty and is already available on Flipkart.

Our rockstar is equally ecstatic about the launch of the one-of-a-kind power bank in India. His personality is well-defined with this power bank, which is swift, powerful, and robust. Sir Jadeja is confident that his admirers will love using this extremely useful device as much as he does.

The best power bank is portable, sleek, and suited for the on-the-go lifestyle. This power bank is designed for a flawless wireless experience, whether it's for nonstop movie sessions or long video conversations. It has a back holder support that holds the device in place as it gets charged. It is power-packed with a special Mag-Safe technology, which ensures safety and convenience by providing a non-slip coating and a firm magnetic grip. The magnetic technology works with iPhone 12 and above.

Ambrane AeroSync PB wireless charging power bank 10000mAh features a highly durable lithium-polymer battery. With 15W and 20W QC/PD output, this versatile power bank enables both wireless and wired charging. The 20W quick charging output can charge any smartphone to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. The power bank can be charged in about 3 hours via a Type-C connector, thanks to its 18W rapid charging input.

The AeroSync power bank has a wide range of compatibility characteristics, making it compatible with any device that can be charged via USB or Type-C ports. With its unique multi-layer charging protection technology, the power bank provides a secure charging experience. All these incredible features make it the best power bank in India.