With so many smartwatches available in the market with a plethora of amazing features, it is really difficult to choose the smartwatch which will suit you the best. Through this blog, we'll explain everything you need to know about AMOLED and why an AMOLED smartwatch is a must-have!

What is AMOLED?

AMOLED technology, which was previously only available in high-end smartphones with the promise of a bold and dynamic screen, has now made its way onto a variety of smart devices. This display, which stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, was previously limited to larger platforms. With the advancement of technology, it can now be found in small devices such as a smartwatch.

How does AMOLED work?

AMOLED displays comprise a thin layer of organic polymers that light up when exposed to an electric current. Every pixel is connected to a transistor and a capacitor, both of which are in charge of actively maintaining the pixel state. This type of display does not require a backlight layer, making it much more flexible and thin. Because AMOLED panels have higher natural saturation, they can produce brighter images than conventional LCD panels.

Amp up your Lifestyle with the AMOLED Smartwatch

Now that you know what an AMOLED smartwatch is and how it works, let's have a look at how it is better than regular LCD panel smartwatches. An AMOLED smartwatch can amp up your lifestyle with perks such as-

- Smoother scrolling & navigation

- Extremely energy-efficient

- Increased brightness and contrast

- Increased refresh rate

- Deeper tones of black

Overall, AMOLED panels have the ability to produce extremely vibrant colours while also being more power efficient. They frequently have a user-friendly interface that makes managing daily tasks simple and quick. Sharper display quality enhances the immersive and satisfying on-screen user experience.

Introducing Wise Glaze: The Perfect AMOLED Smartwatch

The brightest smartwatch Ambrane Wise Glaze is designed to make you view boldly and scroll smoothly with a 1.78” AMOLED Display, 60Hz refresh rate and extreme brightness of 1000 Nits. With Bluetooth calling along with the special UniPair™ Technology feature, you can stay in touch with your loved ones while on the go. Its Always On Display will assist you in staying motivated throughout. With its 24x7 health monitoring, your well-being is now on your wrist. Its spectacular 100+ watch faces allow you to flaunt a unique style every day while keeping you fit with 100+ sports modes. Make more out of your days with the multilingual Ambrane Wise Glaze!

Let's dive into its amazing features in detail!

Super Duper Bright AMOLED Display: Equipped with a super bold 1000 nits bright 1.78” AMOLED Display with a 60Hz refresh rate, this smartwatch will make you see clearly even when you are out in harsh sunlight.

Call Directly from Wrist: This watch comes with a Bluetooth calling feature along with the inbuilt mic and speaker that allows you to converse from anywhere, anytime.

Pair Once, That's Enough: No need to pair more than once. With its special UniPair™ Technology, you need to pair this smartwatch just once and you’re all set!

Your Caretaker: Equipped with multiple health features such as Continuous Heart Rate, SpO2, Breath Training, Sleep Monitoring, Sedentary Reminder and more, it helps in keeping good track of your health. Supervise your health with highly accurate sensors.

Your Watch Face, Your Choice: This watch lets you customize your watch face according to your mood. Be it choosing your own custom wallpaper or one amongst 100+ cloud-based watch faces, the choice is yours.

Classy Design, Changeable Straps: It is lightweight and a perfect smart accessory with changeable straps for you to flaunt your style.

Perfect Partner for Sports: It comes with 100+ Sports Modes and IP68 water resistance to keep you ahead in the league.

Your Multilingual Friend: Be it Hindi or English, this smartwatch is versed well in both. Choose the language of your choice and get ready to rock!

Smart Notifications: Get a smart little pal to keep reminding you of the incoming calls and text messages, hence no FOMO. You can also send Quick Replies to incoming calls right from your wrist.

Charger-free for up to 7 Days: Once fully charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 7 days of travel or work, depending on your usage.

Smart Control: Manage your music or click pictures, this watch lets you do both with its smart controls.

Stay Productive and Entertained: Challenge yourself better and stay alert with features such as a Remote Camera Shutter, Stopwatch, Alarm Clock, Remote Music Player control, Timer, Flashlight, Find Phone, Drink Water reminder, Do Not Disturb Mode, 2 Inbuilt Games and more.

Voice Command: It comes enabled with voice assistance to make your life super convenient.

365 Days Warranty: This product comes under a warranty of 365 days against any manufacturing-related issues.

So, now that you know all about the best AMOLED smartwatch; why wait when you can have it on your wrist and flaunt it in style?! To know more, please visit our website www.ambraneindia.com or for any queries or issues, please contact us (Phone: +911145911111, Email: care@ambraneindia.com)