P-1133 10,000 mAh Power Bank

Rs. 2,199
Color: Black

It is a new product of Li-ion series Power Banks of Ambrane. Its flamboyant design along with vibrant colors makes it vivacious among people. P 1133’s comes with leather feel premium matte finish surface which makes it prominent among all the Power Banks available in the market. It an 11000 mAh Power Bank which comes with a  single input, dual output ports and indicative LED lights for charging and discharging status.

P-1133 portable power bank is compatible with all Smartphone's and can charge two phones at the same time and indicative LED Lights for Charging and Discharging status. It comes in five lovely colors Blue, Black, White, Silver and Gold.

Compact and Portable

Ambrane P-1133 Power Bank  are Light Weight and compact design, you can easily Carry in your handbag and Pocket, So you can take it everywhere you go.

High Charge Capacity

Power Bank has a charge capacity of 12500 mAh With Dual Output, So you can charge your 2 devices at a same time. 

Comfortable Devices

P-1133 Best Quality Power Bank, supported with Android smart phones, I phones, Tablets and boost the charging conversion rate of all devices.

Safety Protection

It's a high efficiency, widely compatible device that saves electricity and is protected against over current, over heat and over voltage. It can charge regular smart phones more than 6-7 times.

  • P 1133’s comes with leather feel premium matte finish surface
  • Single input, dual output ports
  • Indicative LED lights

    12500 mAh capacity with 80% Conversation Rate
  • P- 1133 it's Comes Gold, Black, Silver ,White, Blue Colors
  • Indicative LED lights
  • Charging Time: 7-8 Hours
  • LI-Ion batteries makes it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency
  • Superior hand feel and overall quality 
  • Dual USB output and support for two phone charger


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