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Q: – How do I set up a Wi-Fi connection, manage, & troubleshoot on my Ambrane tablet?

Go to the Settings option.

Turn ON Wi-Fi.

The Tablet scans for available Wi-Fi networks.

Select the Network you wish to connect.

Selecting a network will ask for its password to connect.

Go to the input box and enter password.

After entering, press the DONE tab.


Q: – Not able to know from where the tablet gets on?

Press and hold the POWER button for 4-5secs after assuring the Tablet is charged.

Q:-How to connect the 3G data card with the tablet?

To connect to 3G Data Card, turn off Wi-Fi and put on Data Enable and Data Roaming.

Connect the data card with the tablet.

The data card and the network used, both must be 3G.

Q:-How to connect your GSM Dongle (As per List) to AMBRANE Tablet

Step 1 – Connect the dongle through Device USB port
Step 2 – Go to “Settings”
Step 3 – Select “Wireless & networks”
Step 4 – Select “Mobile Network”
Step 5 – Select “Access Point Names”
Step 6 – Select “Menu” from top of the screen
Step 7 – Select “New APN” at the bottom of the screen
Step 8 – Enter Name & APN of your respective Service Provider
Step 9 – Save the settings by selecting “menu” from the top of screen.

Q:-How do I transfer, backup, or synchronize media files on a pc for my AMBRANE tablet.

The media files can be transfer, backup or synchronized through connectivity between tablet & pc       through data cable. Turn on usb from status bar to copy media files.

Q: – After working very fine with the tablet, it is getting hanged?

Move all applications into an external SD-CARD and avoid opening 3-4 applications together.

Q: – Not able to detect the SIM after inserting it?

Switch off the tablet first and then insert any GSM SIM and switch on the tablet it will automatically Detect the network.

Q: – How long it will take to complete the battery?

If the tablet is having null battery, it would take around 6-7 hours to charge it completely. The battery charging status can be checked along.

Q: – How to improve Battery performance?

Wireless connectivity

Function such as EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are important to tablet usage, but they are the biggest battery hogs as well. You can increase your battery life by switching off functions that you don’t need. Even switching from 3G to 2G (if available) will give your battery life a huge boost.

Push Notifications

If push notifications are turned on, your tablet constantly pings various services to check for updates. Therefore, data connectivity of Wi-Fi is constantly being used to check for updates. Some devices even play a sound and display a notification on the screen. The number of different notifications you leave on will have a direct impact on the tablet’s battery life.

Screen brightness

Although most tablets come with a light sensor that is used to automatically adjust brightness of the display, you need to manually set the brightness as low as possible to maximize battery life. The automatic setting constantly alerts the brightness and that leads to higher consumption. Also keep the screen time out as short as possible to save more battery.

Background Tasks

By default, pressing the home button does not exit apps, it just moves them to the background – this helps with quicker multi-tasking on a tablet. Problem is, even background apps consume hardware resources (except on IOS where the apps are completely suspended). Use the task manager to exit apps completely and give a boost to battery life.

Haptic Feedback

Many touch screen tablets offer haptic feedback – a slight vibration while typing, pressing an on-screen button or in some tablets, every time the screen registers a touch. Check if you can turn this feature off or control when the vibration occurs. You can also choose to turn off the vibrate notification for calls/SMS when the ringer is on.

Battery Life Pro

This app has a beautiful user interface and shows your system info & graphs for memory usage. It also gives you one-touch access to switch on/off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G & Push notifications.

Battery Saver Pro

Provides a clean graphical user interface with features to monitor processes, optimize usage for display/wireless connections, set alerts for low battery and can show a battery usage graph.

Battery Saver

Battery saver lets you pin live tiles on your home screen to quickly toggle between various battery consuming functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS.

Q: – How to do Restore Factory Settings?

Goto the menu bar

Click the setting icon

Select the privacy icon/bac and then there are three options

Back up my data

Automatic Restore

Factory data reset

Select “Factory Data Reset” icon.

Select “Reset Device”.

Select “Erase Everything”.

Q: – Can I charge my AMBRANE tablet with the USB port?

No, it has a USB ports not enough for charging due to the electrical design of the tablet itself and the amount of current a USB port typically supplies.

Q: – How to connect Pen Drive in AMBRANE tablet?

Open the Apps then open the My Pad (File manager, Astro as per your AMBRANE models

There are two Options –


Then select the Udisk and the Pen drive data will be shown on the screen.

Q: – How to connect External SD card in AMBRANE tablet?

Open the Apps then open the My P

ad (File manager, Astro) as per depends on AMBRANE models

There are two Options


Then select the Udisk1 than SD card data show on the screen.

Q: – How to Install Applications from the Android market?

Select the apps icon

Select the play store or market icon

For first time you’ll be asked for Google account then select the next button.

Sign in if you have an account or else create a new account.

Type in your username and password.

Mark in the box if you wish to back up your tabs settings with account else leave it unmark, and then select next.

After account has finished sync, press ‘finish setup’ button.

Press on accept tab.

Finally market screen appears with option categories.

Select a category

Touch on search icon

Tap inside the box to bring onscreen keyboard.

Type the app you want to download.

Select go.

List of results for your query appears.

Select application of your choice.

Touch on install option.

Accept the permissions and select ok.

Downloading and installation starts.

Q: – How to Uninstall the Applications?

Select settings

Manage application page opens with option tabs

’Downloaded’ option shows the downloaded apps.

’All’ tabs shows each n every apps present in tablet.

Apps on SD card are shown in ‘on SD card’ tab

Present running apps are shown in ‘running’ tab

Select downloaded option

Select the application you want to uninstall

Select uninstall.

As soon as you confirm, uninstallation completes.

Press ok to close uninstallation screen.

Q: – What are the conditions of reverse pickup?

When tablet automatically turns off after plugging out the charger  in that case reverse pickup can be arrange

Conditions applied. But firstly check that tablet is charged over 40%.

If the Tablet arrived is dead.

If the tablet screen shows white lines or another type of lining in the display or blank screen appeared then we can arrange a reverse pick up

If the tablet camera or speaker is not working then we arrange reverse pick up

If the Display breaks, then we arrange reverse pick up( display charge is Rs.1250)

If tablet is not getting on with or without charger.

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